Why entrepreneurial couples need a unique financial planner

We’ve all heard how finances can be a major stressor in any relationship. This can be magnified when one of them is an entrepreneur. Their willingness to accept uncertainty when making investment decisions can leave the other partner feeling exactly the opposite. But this is where we see an opportunity. By finding balance and harmony between the two, we can create what I call a “Dynamic Duo” that can make each partner even stronger.

Analysis Paralysis

The digital age brought us an incredible amount of financial data and analysis. But the downside is having to make sense of the mountains of information and deciphering which opinion is the right one for you. It can be overwhelming. Especially when trying to combine your dynamic duo priorities! The result is often analysis paralysis—many couples simply can’t make a decision to move forward. This lack of action can mean missed opportunities that can adversely affect your financial goals.

Protection Panic

You know the scenario, a downturn in business due to a drop in the stock market (or some other unforeseen financial challenge) creates stress on an already fluctuating income that can test even the best entrepreneurial relationship. One partner is worried about protecting your hard-earned investments, while the other sees this as an opportunity and wants to double down. What is the right path? Is there a middle way? How can both partners get on the same page?

A financial planner who knows you both.

Why do people have a therapist or life coach? It’s because they value an outside perspective that is cheerleading them on to success. A financial planner who understands and respects both of your priorities can help you find a solution that works for both of you. When each spouse’s concerns are understood, and values are aligned, working towards common goals is actually fun instead of being stressful.

And that’s our superpower—we love helping entrepreneurial couples set financial goals based on meaningful values and then achieve them. We think dynamic duos are better entrepreneurs because they both empower the other partner to be their best.

A better way.

We have a proven process focused on your net worth that gives both of you confidence in your goal setting and decision making. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you make smart decisions about your finances, schedule a 15-minute conversation with us.