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Financial resources for entrepreneurs and their families.

The challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurial couples are not one-dimensional, so why settle for a one-dimensional partner? We focus on not only planning, but education and storytelling to help address these complex issues and give you confidence in your journey ahead.

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See how three different couples navigate the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

How can couples stay on the same page through the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur? Check out what these three couples had to say.

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Jeff & Josie: How a paratrooper and a corporate VP landed on common ground

When your husband thrives on risk, you’re bound to have some white-knuckle moments. Here’s how Brian helps two very different spouses both feel heard.

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Meet the financial planner on a mission to support entrepreneurs—and their spouses.

On the Power of Nine Podcast, Brian discusses how he helps grow your marriage, family, business, and future—without sacrificing your relationship.

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Dealing with detours

Financial situations for entrepreneurial couples are always changing—requiring many difficult decisions.

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How liquidity serves the entrepreneurial couple

Liquidity plays a vital role in all financial strategies, but it plays a special role for couples who are making important financial decisions about a business.

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Why entrepreneurial couples need a unique financial planner

We all know the stress that finances often cause in any relationship. This can be magnified when one of them is an entrepreneur—which is why a financial planner focused on ent

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What’s your business worth?

Possessing an understanding of your business value is perhaps the key ingredient when aiming to undertake a host of strategic activities and decisions. We utilize BizEquity, an innovative technology that allows us to deliver accurate and efficient business valuations, free to clients. When we have a better understanding of what your business may be worth, we can make more informed decisions for your future.

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